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Speakers of different languages needed for a linguistic research on syntax


Hello! I am conducting a syntax research on ellipsis and need 19 sentences translated in a language, with possibly some glosses or word-to-word translation.
If a sentence can be translated in several ways (e.g. with different word orders), please indicate that possibility.
1. Who came?
2. Did Peter come?
3. Was it Peter who came? ≈ Did PETER come? (context: there was a situation of someone’s coming: we heard the door open, but we didn’t see the person who came, so we are not sure who exactly it was)
4. Did anybody come?
5. I don’t know who came.
6. He asked whether Peter came.
7. Helen wonders whether it was Peter who came. ≈ …whether PETER came.
8. Someone came, and Helen wonders who.
9. Someone came, but I don’t know whether PETER. (meaning: I don’t know whether it was Peter who came; the sentence in English is ungrammatical, but it is important to see whether there is a possibility to elide the rest of the sentence and mention only the Peter-constituent in the language you use for translation)
10. What is Peter reading?
11. Has Peter bought an apartment?
12. Is Peter reading A BOOK? (meaning: I see he reads something, but I can’t make out whether it is a book or a journal)
13. Helen doesn’t know what Peter is reading.
14. Helen asked whether Peter is reading A BOOK. (and not a journal etc.)
15. I wonder whether Peter has already bought an apartment.
16. Peter is reading something, but Helen doesn’t know what.
17. Peter is reading something, but I am not sure whether he is reading A BOOK.
18. This is Peter.
19. It was Peter.

Please send your replies to coffeemolka@gmail.com. Better name the letter "Ellipsis quest". Thank you!

P.S. Questions are attached in case you want to send them to some friends who know some languages you don't know.


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