Author Topic: Speakers of different languages needed for a linguistic research on syntax  (Read 7569 times)

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Hello! I am conducting a syntax research on ellipsis and need 19 sentences translated in a language, with possibly some glosses or word-to-word translation.
If a sentence can be translated in several ways (e.g. with different word orders), please indicate that possibility.
1. Who came?
2. Did Peter come?
3. Was it Peter who came? ≈ Did PETER come? (context: there was a situation of someone’s coming: we heard the door open, but we didn’t see the person who came, so we are not sure who exactly it was)
4. Did anybody come?
5. I don’t know who came.
6. He asked whether Peter came.
7. Helen wonders whether it was Peter who came. ≈ …whether PETER came.
8. Someone came, and Helen wonders who.
9. Someone came, but I don’t know whether PETER. (meaning: I don’t know whether it was Peter who came; the sentence in English is ungrammatical, but it is important to see whether there is a possibility to elide the rest of the sentence and mention only the Peter-constituent in the language you use for translation)
10. What is Peter reading?
11. Has Peter bought an apartment?
12. Is Peter reading A BOOK? (meaning: I see he reads something, but I can’t make out whether it is a book or a journal)
13. Helen doesn’t know what Peter is reading.
14. Helen asked whether Peter is reading A BOOK. (and not a journal etc.)
15. I wonder whether Peter has already bought an apartment.
16. Peter is reading something, but Helen doesn’t know what.
17. Peter is reading something, but I am not sure whether he is reading A BOOK.
18. This is Peter.
19. It was Peter.

Please send your replies to Better name the letter "Ellipsis quest". Thank you!

P.S. Questions are attached in case you want to send them to some friends who know some languages you don't know.