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List of all languages with descriptive grammars?

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For my research I've found myself just skimming through grammars hoping to find relevant information. And that works fine if I'm just looking at what's available in the library at my university, etc. But I'd like to at least be aware of more systematic ways of doing this.

So I have two questions:
1. Is there a really good list of all of the languages (and language families) in the world? Is there something I could use as a sort of checklist to be sure I've covered a wide variety of linguistic diversity?
2. Is there a comprehensive list of all grammars written for less known languages? This one is sometimes more challenging.

As somewhere to start, I often use:

WALS: The World Atlas of Language Structures
Unfortunately it's far from complete and more useful when looking for broad comparisons rather than actually seeking specific languages. The references usually do include good descriptive grammars, though.

Ethnologue: a good list of information about many languages including location, population, official status, language use (and predicted future use), and some references.

But is there anything out there that is specifically meant for linguists looking for a list of every language that has had a grammar written about it? I'd also appreciate some information about which grammars are good (thorough, relatively well written, modern).

Likewise, actually it would be good to have the complementary list with every language that hasn't been described for field workers seeking languages.

I realize this information is a lot to organize, but it would be very useful.

Linguasphere? You could also try the Rosetta Stone Project.

Linguasphere? I'll check it out.

Rosetta Stone Project? Doesn't that have very limited data available? Or have you found the sources (from which the data was gathered) to be useful?

Thanks for the ideas.

For Linguasphere I recommend their PDFs: http://www.linguasphere.info/lcontao/fichier-pdf.html

The RSP is usually limited, but it might come in handy. When it comes to actual grammar I don't really have any resources, so this is mostly info on existing languages.

I think it is called Rosetta Project vice Rosetta Stone Project, yes?


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