Author Topic: PHD Help! British publicistic style (Irish, Scottish and Welsh printed press)  (Read 5908 times)

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Good day, dear colleagues!

I am writing my PHD thesis "The role of local words in publicistic style (based on Irish, Scottish and Welsh press)".
The material which i am to examine is not very easy to find using web resources (it is mostly because of search resources in search results in my country) only as there is not much LOCAL press samples given. By now could I only find samples of huge newspapers such as "The Aberdeen citizen", "The Cardiff Times", "Irish independent" etc., but these samples do not fully satisfy my demands and the amount of material is not enough as i have to find "most local" words used in press. By saying "most local" i mean that such words could only be found in any type of printed press in different cities of Ireland, Wales and Scotland. I do not want you to find these words i only ask you if you have any similar material.

To summaries, I seek for any kind of LOCAL printed press material dated in a period of 2005-2020 of any city of Ireland, Wales and Scotland (big or small doesn't matter... Small is even better i think). Press samples may be from the suburbs (it would be perfect!) of the city or even from any local organisation, company... Newspapers, newsletters, magazines, brochures or even flyers - this is what i have to find.
I want to ask everyone who could help me with my work about any pictures or scans or links which could be useful for me - please, share!
P.S. Any publicistic printed material about Brexit period would suite perfectly too

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who may be interested in participating.

Feel free to write here or e-mail me.
Thanks everyone in advance!