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Language and Power
« on: March 13, 2018, 03:08:44 AM »
Hello to all. This text is taken from Fairclough's book and i need your clarification/help. Can someone help me understand the following text and rewrite it?
(1) P: Did you get a look at the one in the car?
. (2) w: I saw his face, yeah.
(3) P: What sort of age was he?
(4) w: About 45. He was wearing a ...
(5) P: And h9)'V tall?
(6) w: Six foot one.
(7) P: Six foot one. Hair?
(8) w: Dark and curly. Is this going to take long? I've got to
collect the kids from school.
(9) P: Not much longer, no. What about his clothes?
(10) w: He was a bit scruffy-looking, blue trousers, black ...
(11) P: Jeans?
(12) w: Yeah.Think of cases where a feature of discourse may be interpreted in
different ways depending on what social conventions people are
operating with - like the example of w's interpretation of the lack of
acknowledgements. Can people resist a particular set of conventions by
insisting on interpreting features according to another set? Try rewriting
the text with w in the position of resisting the conventions which the
interviewer is operating with, specifically in respect of the lack of
acknowledgement of information.