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Title: Help with Master Thesis Topic - Thoughts??
Post by: misses_squirrel on May 13, 2017, 03:06:42 AM
Hello everyone,

I am writing my MA Thesis in English linguistics and I am currently looking for a topic - and to be honest, I struggle quite a lot. I have various ideas - but somehow I feel like they are either not relevant, not interesting or just too difficult for me... I know this forum is not just for delivering me a finished thesis topic - but i would be really thankful for some tips, inspirations, advise - basically anything!

So, I am a German language teacher for immigrants - and many things connected to language acquisition are very interesting for me. I thought about the following topics:
- Native speakers's attitude towards foreign speakers' language mistakes
- sociodemographic factors influencing second language acquisition

The following topic is about brexit in newspapers is very interesting, too...but i've never done a critical discourse analysis during my studies and i think it's just too difficult for me...i like to have clear data, statistics, some questionnaires, etc...
- Critical Discurse Analysis of Brexit in Gibraltarian and British Newspapers

Other ideas would be to do something with dialects...i come from switzerland where there are maaany dialects...but honestly here i'm very very lost, too...