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Fairclough's Language and Power


Can somebody please help with the interpretation of this paragraph from Fairclough's book, Language and Power? Can you please give examples to what he means by "types of practice"?

"Think of your own current or former place of work or study in terms of
its social practices, as a social order and an order of discourse. List
some of the major types of practice, and try to work out how they are
demarcated from each other - maybe in terms of the sorts of situation,
and participant, they are associated with. To what extent are they
discoursal and to what extent are they non-discoursal?"

"Practice" in this sense just means "(traditional/conventional) behavior".

Beyond that, this sounds like a homework question, which we won't answer here. You should be able to do this yourself.

This was not a homework question. Thank you though.


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