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Polysemy in derivation
« on: December 18, 2018, 05:39:03 AM »
I’m struggling with the treatment of polysemy in derivation. For instance the agent/instrument polysemy of -ER in English. I want to compare different theoretical views dealing with :
1. How to represent the articulation of what is in common and what is distinct in the meanings ?
2. How the meaning is selected/specified ?
3. If a meaning is specified, are the other possible meanings just blocked ? Are they unblockable ? Could ‘eraser’ be reinterpreted as ‘person who erases’ ?

Do you know any author who proposed a treatment for one those questions ? Or maybe you have your own opinion ? I read Rainer and Plag. I have to keep on searching but that would make me save time if ever you could share interesting references.