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Can anyone suggest a good introductory text inCognitive Grammar, Other than Langnecker which I already have

Cognitive Linguistics (Grammar?) is a general philosophy of how to approach Linguistics. A lot of the foundational work is either abstract (not proposing a specific theory, but instead making observations about language usage) or more of an argument against (and assuming extensive knowledge about) Generative Grammar. You will probably have more luck with a specific topic, such as Construction Grammar (Cognitive Linguistics answer to Syntax (and tightly connected to Semantics). You might also find some general works interesting like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women,_Fire,_and_Dangerous_Things but that falls into the not-really-a-theory category I mentioned above. For something more specific, I'd suggest picking a specific subfield and then looking for a textbook written in the last ~10 years so you get a relatively developed perspective rather than some of the earlier work where the perspective was developing.

I should also add that it is more of a philosophy of designing a grammatical theory, rather than a single specific theory in itself. Instead, there are actually various competing specific theories out there with similar foundations. You can find a number of different (and not entirely compatible, though somewhat overlapping) recent textbooks on Construction Grammar, for example.


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