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Circassian language
« on: October 28, 2021, 11:35:07 AM »
Hello everyone my name is Kantemir im interested in linguistics ,study my native language Circassian.
In a while i have made a very interesting discovery about this language ,after six years of study i can truly say that this language has a system of sounds that has a meaning ,that does describe the reality that is actually happening at the moment, of course it is a view of an ancient people about there life . let me give examples so the picture gets clear for you.

Mother-contains two sound with a meaning of PAST and EYE, that does mean the one who was before me but is watching me all the way. mother in this case is compared to someone who is always watching you.
Father- contins the same sound of PAST and walnut, same as mother father was before you, but he is different he is a walnut tree. the seeds of this tree are brain a like. two sides and totally looking the same as a real human brain. by the way that tree is actually growing in every family no matter what is social status  most of the people grow this tree. in this case we can see that ancient people are using objects in order to abstract the understanding of mother and father. even now we say family tree ,roots and so on. here we have the straight name for it.
Son-SUPPORT-NOW. the word son contains two sounds that mean support and time range of present. in order to understand what a son is to you they used the sound of support ...the question of why is simple to answer . a man that is called by his father since the birth will know what kind of position he is actually standing before his parents. without explanation or anything else. the parent will know how to behave and also the son will know and understand the way of his life regarding the people he was created by .
you will ask probably a question about the influence of other languages and so on, the answer is simple. the language is impossible to be changed because the system will not allow it, the sound system does not allow any changes and even if they occur the word become meaningless.
looking forward to study and publish this with someone who does have interest in this field. regarding doubts and other thougths of yours that will occur, there is no doubt in this language . it does exist and it does explain the reality ,in the way at least the ancient people saw it.

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