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hello everyone,

new here from today - apologies if this is posted on the wrong section, i cant seem to find a section for these matters.

i’m an artist (fine art) who works with the subject of mental perspectives, and who has been thinking about this subject for quite a while, and i thought it was time to give it a go out in the world.

i’m sure i’m not the only one who realises that the way we verbally code our thoughts in order to share them has a structural impact on the thoughts themselves, on our mental schemas, on what we understand about the world. a meta impact, so to speak. cognitive linguistics? it comes to my attention, and i’m sure to the one of many others, that there’s basic flaws in this encoding and as such there’s huge flaws in communication; this is incredibly present and relevant these days because of the current revolution in communication. and with such a revolution in communication, shouldn’t our use of language be questioned? improved, if we dare?

so i have decided to open a place for discussion about this topic, and i would like to share this with you. i’ve narrowed the subject to the language of perception, i think it’s a good starting point; it’s a survey on language on an educational, philosophical and medical level, but other contexts are welcome for scrutiny too. additionally, the forum will have a ‘physical’ twin happening over two days in mid-august in London, UK, if anyone would like to come for a dialogue (it’s free).

please feel free to drop by and post thoughts and views; i thought this community would be interested in the topic. it’s open to everyone to dialogue; not only experts in the field but anyone curious or concerned.

here’s the link to the thread with general info, but there’s 3 fresh threads on the discussion section —

n.b. please note i dont consider this advertising in any way, i’m not selling anything. i’m sincerely sharing an open conversation with this forum, since i think many here would be interested on the topic and i would be very interested in hearing your input.

thank you!