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Dear all,

as part of my master thesis, I will run a psycholinguistic experiment on the processing of questions in English. I first need to check the naturalness of the stimuli I am going to use. The questionnaires available on this page aim at collecting such judgement:


If  you are a native speaker of English and want to spend 15 minutes helping out, that would be wonderful!

Many thanks in advance to the participants, and merry Christmas to all!


There were some examples that seemed to be weird in a different way then I assumed you were testing, so I wasn't sure whether to ignore those ones and interpret them differently. For example, 'she has got a good handwriting'. There is no definite article in normal English for handwriting, so I responded as if it was without the definite article. If that was something you were specifically testing, then my 'very natural' should be discounted. There were some others (one or two) but I can't remember exactly what the sentences were right now.

Edit: same for 'book an accommodation'.


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