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Can you help me with this please?
We say the word "silk" 5 times and then ask the question, "what do the cows drink?". Then the answer any ordinary person would give is "milk". I want to know what the prime word and the target word here in this instance.

Prime word is "silk". That can be understood. What is the target word? I think it is "water", right? But because the respondent was primed with the word silk, he gave the answer milk.

Am i right?

You have accurately described the situation. The "target" depends on how you define the word "target". The meaning is obvious, from what you've said. But it could be the primed target, or the actual target. If this is for a class, look at your textbook or ask your instructor. If not, I'd suggest just being clear.

(Note also that cows do drink milk, at least young cows-- that's why (cow) milk exists, not for humans!)


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