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BIA+ and phonological similarity
« on: July 06, 2014, 04:57:12 AM »
Hello everybody,

I am totally new here and I hope that I chose the right section for my query.
I am looking for people who know about the BIA+ model, which I am currently working with in my studies. I am focussing on the influence of phonological similarity in bilingual language processing and I am wondering about how to 'merge' various findings with the BIA+ model.
What I did not really get is why experiments provide us with different results referring to phonological similarity across languages depending on the stage of language processing that is tested for. Is it possible for the processing of one word that a bilingual participant experiences either facilitatory or inhibitory effects at each stage of language processing?

I know that the information given is not enough but I hope to find someone here in this community who has worked with this model and on this topic and is also interested in it... well, my fellow students are not  :'(