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You may place personal or professional postings here. This is especially encouraged for our members, but first-time posters are also allowed. (But remember you can stick around for a while too!)

All postings must be on-topic for Linguistics, broadly defined. Examples:
--You are doing academic research and want to ask for speakers to complete an online survey.
--You want to announce a conference in Linguistics (or a related field).
--You want to share a project with us, such as a website that has lessons on phonetic transcription.

Off-topic spam will be deleted without warning, and members posting spam will be banned.

When posting:
1. Use a clear title.
2. Include a general description with relevant information in your post.
3. You may include a link to a website with more information.

For any projects you want help with (for example, a research survey), please come back to tell us about the results.

Note: questions about topics in Linguistics should be posted in the appropriate subforum below this one.


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