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Why is danish spelling and pronunciation different?


Danish is unique language

rødgrød med fløde

Danish spelling and pronunciation is different such as English
Why is danish spelling and pronunciation different?

Actually, Danish spelling is the same, English is different.

Really actually, Danish spelling is closer to its pronunciation than English, although both have rules getting from spelling to pronunciation. English is worse, because you just have to know the individual word more often.

Here's another example: North Saami spelling. Some examples are gudni [gunʔni] "honor n.s.", gutni [guʔni] "honor a.s.", geadgi [geaðegi] "stone n.s.", geadggi [geaðkki] "stone a.s.", luopmu [lŭoʔmu] "holiday n.s.", luomu [luomu] "holiday a.s.". The spelling rules are complicated, but you can mostly predict the pronunciation if you know the spelling, and given some dialect issues, you can predict spelling from pronunciation. (Except you can't predict the spelling of [ɲ], which can be "nj" or "ŋ", in certain dialects where [ŋ] → [ɲ].

So in Danish, spelling is "messed up" because of some historical sound changes where d lenites to that ð-like approximant.


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