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Type IPA within the forum! [instructions]


We're linguists and we need a way to talk about sounds, but it's never convenient to type of phonetic symbols.... well, now it is!

Right here on the forum you can add IPA (and other) symbols to your posts. Here's how:
1. Click on the small "IPA" icon above the message box.
2. You'll see a small window pop up with a full IPA chart. Click on any character to add it to your message.
3. If you want more symbols (such as diacritics), click on the [More Characters] link.
4. Click on the "X" or IPA icon again to close it.
It's that simple, and you're ready to add phonetic symbols into your posts.

[gɪv ɪt ʌ tɹɑɪ̆]!

Please post about any technical problems or feature requests here.

It's possible to add more symbols as needed-- in the future we might even be able to offer full keyboards for non-English (or even non-Latin) languages! Stay tuned.

Technical requirements: please note that this feature requires Unicode and a compatible font. Most users will probably have no problem with this, but if you can't see any of the symbols you might need to upgrade your browser or install a new font.

Additionally, Unicode is a convenient format so in general you should be able to cut and paste into most other programs! Feel free to use the IPA menu for work off the forum as well, although personally I prefer full size websites like this one:

ɪtz bɹɪljənt! :)

θæŋks fɔr ðɪs

Thomas the Ring-Bearer:
[wau θɪs ɪz sou ɪntəɹɛstɪŋ nau ai kæn fainəli təip juzɪŋ ai pi ei ai æm sou hæpi]


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