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Syllable: CVC, CVCC, etc
« on: June 12, 2019, 09:12:30 PM »
I would like to ask for help since I am not a pure linguist. I have a list of words and I analyzed them with my Thai friends. We are not sure that we do them correctly, so we post here ask for your kindness to check & correct. Many thanks.
1   a   V
2   the   CV
3   and   VCC
4   is   VC
5   your   CVC
6   my   CV
7   it   VC
8   listen   CVCV/ CVCR
9   you   CV
10   this   CVC
11   in   VC
12   say   CVV
13   make   CVC
14   book   CVC
15   do   CV
16   are   V
17   like   CVC
18   there   CV
19   words   CVCC
20   have   CVC
21   that   CVC
22   on   VC
23   draw   CCVV
24   to   CV
25   point   CVVCC
26   write   CVC
27   use   VC
28   project   CCVV CVCC
29   hello   CVCVV
30   look   CVC
31   what   CVC
32   yes   CVC
33   has   CVC
34   no   CV
35   they   CV
36   he   CV
37   who   CV
38   at   VC
39   then   CVC
40   activity   VCCVCVCVV
41   some   CVM/ CVC
42   with   CVC
43   play   CCVV
44   two   CCV
45   can   CVC
46   number   CVM CR
47   sing   CVM/ CVC
48   about   VCVVC
49   happy   CVCVV
50   Isn’t   VCRC
51   little   CVCB
52   out   VC
53   hi   CV
54   pictures   CVC CRC
55   sentences   CVCVCVC
56   she   CCV
57   sister   CVCCR
58   circle   CRCR
59   get   CVC
60   we   CV
61   word   CVC
62   activities   VCCVCVCVC
63   does   CVC
64   family   CVCVCV
65   for   CV
66   not   CVC
67   time   CVC
68   blue   CCVV
69   brother   CCVCR
70   run   CVC
71   show   CV
72   these   CVC
73   where   CVC
74   an   VC
75   orange   VVCVMC
76   put   CVC
77   unit   VCVC
78   act   VCC
79   pencil   CVMRC
80   picture   CVCCR
81   answer   VMCR
82   bike   CVC
83   red   CVC
84   big   CVC
85   fish   CVC
86   friends   CCVCCC
87   grammar   CCVCVC
88   correct   CVCVCC
89   of   VC
90   colour   CVCR
91   go   CV
92   jump   CVMC
93   one   VCV
94   three   CCVV
95   black   CCVC
96   work   CVC
97   face   CVVCV
98   find   CVCC
99   here   CVVCV
100   me   CV
101   tree   CCV
102   box   CVC
103   christmas   CVCCCVC
104   dad   CVC
105   kite   CVC
106   take   CVC
107   cake   CVC
108   mother   CVCR
109   story   CCVVCVV
110   cat   CVC
111   fun   CVC
112   match   CVCC
113   shirt   CCVC
114   off   VC
115   repeat   CVCVVC
116   yellow   CVCVV
117   bird   CVC
118   cut   CVC
119   doesn’t   CVCRC
120   dog   CVC
121   feelings   CVVCVMC
122   friend   CCVMC
123   his   CVC
124   how   CV
125   milk   CVCC
126   mum   CVC
127   pink   CVCC
128   ruler   CVCR
129   small   CCVC
130   clock   CCVVC
131   four   CVVC
132   helmet   CVM CVC
133   ride   CVC
134   room   CVVC
135   shoes   CVVC
136   ask   VVC
137   chant   CVVCC
138   green   CCVC
139   missing   CVCVM
140   park   CVVCC
141   pen   CVC
142   purple   CRCR
143   swim   CCVR
144   eyes   VC
145   listening   CVCVCVM
146   ten   CVC
147   walk   CVCC
148   apple   CVR
149   chair   CVC
150   dig   CVC

Thanks for your help & kindness

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Re: Syllable: CVC, CVCC, etc
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2019, 09:27:52 PM »
Hello, and welcome to the forum.

What is the purpose of this exercise? Is this a homework assignment? We don't do that here, because the goal of homework is for you to practice. It is also not a good idea to post answers (or even questions) for homework online, because that just invites other students to look up the answers and copy them, whether they are correct or not, either way not learning for themselves.

If you have a specific question, you can ask it (but not for 150 items in general).

I do see some errors there, or at least inconsistencies.

Are you basing this on the spelling? If so, it's very easy (a, e, i, o, u are vowels "and sometimes y"; the rest are consonants), but that doesn't match up to what you did above (and it useful very informative because English spelling is so different from pronunciation).

If you're basing this on the pronunciation, then the most accurate way to do this will be to first transcribe the words in a phonetic notation (the International Phonetic Alphabet = IPA?), and then just rewrite that in CV format. You can skip this step, but you'll still need to imagine it while writing out "CV...", and it will be good practice for you to learn it the right way like that. And you can make mistakes (exactly which vowel sounds, for example) because all that matters in the end is the "CV" format, but still good to practice.
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Re: Syllable: CVC, CVCC, etc
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2019, 12:43:46 AM »
The main problem I see is that I only understand C, V in your scheme, and M, R don't have any meaning. The second is that as representations of native speaker pronunciation, they are not correct ("two" is homophonous with "to"). The third is that there are implicitly some arbitrary distinctions, such as using different schemata for "my" versus "say". If this is a spelling conversion, it's clearly wrong ("listen" would be CVCCVC).

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Re: Syllable: CVC, CVCC, etc
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2019, 04:44:06 AM »
Dear  Panini and Daniel,

Thank you very much for your kind suggestions. It is not my homework. I am an English teacher and working on my research. I want to see the monosyllable pattern from the textbooks of grade one which is used in my country, Thailand so I listed 150 highest frequency word.

Thank you.

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Re: Syllable: CVC, CVCC, etc
« Reply #4 on: June 15, 2019, 11:28:14 AM »
OK, I hope our comments were somewhat helpful.

If you need more help, please explain the purpose and rules of this system. Is it somehow based on Thai pronunciation in order to help students learn English?
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