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English Phonological database
« on: January 12, 2014, 04:45:54 AM »
Hi y'all! I'm a non-native speaker envisioning a huge task, almost a systematic study once and for all.

I'm interested in finding the most complete corpus in which I can specify as many "filters" and as variously as possible.

It would be essential for such database to contain phonetic transcriptions, the level from which I'd like to start off actually, so that I can retrieve,in GAmE if possible,the different classifications of the manifold pronunciations - here in the broadest sense: weak-strong vowels + stress patterns in the word/compound/phrase etc -  and above all the vastly amount of exceptions?
I will not specify more, hoping you know what I mean, don't you? morphology, spelling etc.

Actually, It'd be great for me to be guided and shown the state of affairs.  Is there something similar on the internet yet? How far have we gotten? What are the bst resources I can use?

I do not know anyone interested in these topics, so it's hard to find some colleague to discuss, work or chat with.

PS1: I've just started to learn Japanese, Chinese and Arabic, mainly their respective phonologies and phonetics, in case somebody is into any of them as well.
PS2: I've tried to register in to the point of craziness, no luck though.
PS3: I know offers a lot of info, but usually lacks friendliness.

Thaks in advance!

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Re: English Phonological database
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2014, 06:13:58 AM »
Hi George, I'm glad you've come here!  We were experiencing frustrations with and so created this new forum which has a lot better functionality, plus all the old regulars are here so I hope it's useful to you :)

I'm afraid I don't know any corpuses like this already in existence, and it does sound like a huge task.  As well, the level of resolution on the pronunciation will have to be quite broad, I imagine, so that there aren't 20-30 different listings for each word! Good luck anyhow!
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