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Re: A phonetic & phonological event
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From what I can see, an instance of something that happened categorised as being phonetic or phonological. The terms seem pretty derivable from the normal meanings of phonetics and phonology. Is there something specific that leads you to believe this is not the case in these examples?

With [p] not having a prominent burst, compared to [t] and [k] (which have distances to travel down the vowel tract - unlike [p]) the instance of this burst is considered as a phonetic event. It's not meaningful, so it's not related to phonology. It's in all senses a phonetic detail.

Then the others basically say similar things, with the last paper explicitly saying the feature might be meaningful and therefore directly contrasts phonological event and phonetic event - exactly what we would expect given that the author is saying that something went from a non-meaningful detail to a meaningful one (because it's prominence-lending).
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