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Telecommunications through time
« on: December 11, 2015, 01:36:08 PM »

Communication through time & Telecommunications through time.

The potential and possibility to communicate through time - really does exsist in our own day in age.

The reason such a possibility exsists for our own day in age is because of the revolution and evolution of telecommunications.

The medium of telecommunications now involves TIME. as in any medium communicating is esencially communicating from the past into the future.

The distance and how far into the future depends on how far into the future the medium carrying such communications travels through time..

A good example is TELLYVISON. as esencially what you are observing whilst watching tellyvision is a communication from the past...

To communicate at distance through such a medium simply envolves using the medium to telecommunicate information or message to the future.

The medium of Telly vision itself is a good medium to connect past and future, what is required is a use of the medium in such a way that the medium of tellyvision is used to communicate through time..

To complete the transaction of communication involves a SENDER/PAST ---A MEDIUM/TELLY VISON --- THE FUTURE/RECIEVER...

When the SENDER in the past is consciously aware of the fact that a reciever will be watching in the future and the RECIEVER in the future is aware of the PAST's Mediation of communication. a conscious connection is created via the medium of TELLYVISION... Once there are conscious observers on either side of the medium --i.e --past & future

the potential to send message through time becomes available and ready to be fulfilled..

The SENDER then communicates directly to the RECIEVER in the past...

Because the RECIEVER in the future is waiting for the message...The conscious connection is then ready and waiting for MEDIATIONS...

The sender sends from the past-----the future recieves in the future....Simply because the past SENDER knew the future would be RECIEVING and the Future knew the PAST would be sending....

It is simply a matter for communication and is a possibility waiting to be fulfilled through experimental observations and studys...

It is simply a matter of using such mediums to communicate through time...

The important aspect of the communication is the CONSCIOUS CONNECTION.

as without the conscious connection on eitherside of the medium neither past or future can send or recieve and message be recieved...

But with a CONSCIOUS sender sending knowing the reciever is awaiting message and a Conscious Reciever awaiting the message, The medium of TELLYCOMMUNICATION becomes the medium with the potential to communicate through time....The present moment you could say would be the medium...

Therfore you have a comlete method for commnication through time.....

PAST/SENDER-consciously aware of future -----MEDIUM/TELLYVISION/TELECOMMUNICATION-----FUTURE/RECIEVER---Consciously aware of Mediation from the past and the method of communication ---


Try it yourself......

Send your local tv network message via emails and tell them you wish to recieve a communication through the tv & time, and then await the mediations as they will then be consciously aware of your conscious observation on the otherside of time & the medium of telelcommunications.....Enjoy

& merry xmas....

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Re: Telecommunications through time
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