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Title: Spelling (and Morphology (and Syntax (and Punctuation)))
Post by: waive15 on October 31, 2020, 11:18:12 AM

Title: Re: Spelling (and Morphology (and Syntax (and Punctuation)))
Post by: waive15 on November 02, 2020, 12:21:08 AM


Written word, Spoken word, Misspelled word, Mispronounced word, ... , Meaning.

That above is a Set (Connection without order) or Equivalency (for now it is of little importance whichone it is). Let's take it as a Set for simplicity. Also for simplicity Word will mean what everyone is accustomed to (but later Word will be used with a broader meaning).

Written word - encoding of letters (and signs)

Spoken word - encoding of sounds

Misspelled, Mispronounced word - encoding Recognized as the word in question


Meaning - encoding of/through Things  and Spaces

(The) Set of the above is (the) Word.

Meaningful_Word is the Set(Word) which contains Meaning.

not_Meaningful_Word(gibberish, babble) is a Set(Word) which does not contain Meaning.

Yes, it is strange that the Meaning (of (a) Word) is the same type as Written Word or Spoken Word. Written and spoken Word are understood as "physical"/"real" and Meaning (of (a) Word) is understood not as such (as something different). Well, that is not the case.


(grapheme, phoneme, gesture, ...  Let's use Letter and -graph for simplicity)



Mono-, Di-, Tri-, ... -graph

Monograph is Letter.

#-graph(-s) is/are made of Letter(-s).


Morpheme(-s) is/are made of #-graph(-s).

Linking Letters(actually Monographs) are Morphemes.
/Monograph is used for simplicity/


Word(-s) is/are made of Morpheme(-s).


Mono-, Di-, Tri-, ... , -phrase

Monophrase is Word.

#-phrase(-s) is/are made of Word(-s).


Sentence(-s) is/are made of #-phrase(-s).

So /a generalization/

Letter is Word, #-graph is Word, Morpheme is Word, Word is Word, #-phrase is Word, (...) Sentence is Word.
/now one can see how Sentence is a Phrase made of phrases (Noun phrase(-s), Verb phrase(-s), ...)/


/let's say for simplicity that what is above is in "one" "logic"/

"Logic" (some (other) logic)

is/is not; +/-; true/false; good/bad; ...

Set(Connection without order) of 2 (3, 4 ...)
/People like Set_of_2 "logic". There are other/different "logics"/


Punctuation marks/signs

... (what are they/what is their meaning and purpose/...)

  ( )    -    '    .    ,    and so on
/(empty) space is a punctuation mark/sign too/

 - Line (1d); directions on that line (including Embedding)
 - Square/Rectangle (2d); directions on these (including Embedding)
   /Chinese and other characters, hieroglyphs, .../

 - ("combinations" of the above)

/2d; directions on the page; .../

  - Text ...


"Logics"("layers/levels" of "logics") in different languages