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Jerry Fodor
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Jerry Fodor


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Jerry A Fodor Part 1/3 Connectionism and Cognitive Architecture

Elizabeth Rich/YouTube

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Jerry Fodor Interview on Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy Overdose/YouTube

17:50 Consciousness

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Modularity II
Modularity III
/The modularity of mind, Jerry A. Fodor, 1983/

Edison Barrios/YouTube

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Language is nothing but a set of human habits, the purpose of which is to give
expression to thoughts and feelings, and especially to impart them to others. As with
other habits it is not to be expected that they should be perfectly consistent. No one can
speak exactly as everybody else or speak exactly in the same way under all circumstances
and at all moments, hence a good deal of vacillation here and there. The divergencies
would certainly be greater if it were not for the fact that the chief purpose of language is
to make oneself understood by other members of the same community; this presupposes
and brings about a more or less complete agreement on all essential points. The closer
and more intimate the social life of a community is, the greater will be the concordance in
speech between its members. ..."

Essentials of English Grammar, Otto Jespersen

last paragraph of the 1st page

The fact that you reply refutes the claim that language does not exist. It is self-evident that there is language. Clearly you don't mean what you say; you intend something else. I take it that you are not seriously interested in the "language of thought" claim, and would prefer to not talk about it.

--- 1st - 2nd sentences
Consciousness works (is made) in a certain way. Space(Logic/Rules) can be a thing and a thing can be Connection/Space. Probably there are other tricks.

"Language" can be "viewed" (or not) in different "ways".

--- 3rd sentence
I just talk/think. To be right or wrong is not important for me here. Let me be wrong I am not a scientist.

The goal of my work was to compile a grammar. The grammar had to be simple not right.

--- 4th sentence
Languages/grammars are my hobby.
I just like listening to intelligent people talk/speak.
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Have a nice day.

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Re: Jerry Fodor
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All this soap opera about mind/consciousness is about  Analysis: 

physical vs. biological

biological vs. psychological

psychological vs. economical

... (?)

There's this puzzle (for simplicity made of square tiles of same size).
Tiles are made of tiles (for simplicity square tiles are made of square tiles).
Tiles are scattered around (among other "things").
Tiles look the same (a tile made of tiles looks (in size) just as its parts (observer, event))
One wants (to see) the picture, one wants the click.

a Synthesis anyone

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