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Title: Anyone ever created their own language?
Post by: bavariyn on March 25, 2016, 11:47:41 PM
Hello members,

I've been looking for a place where I could finally talk a little bit about my greatest passion with people who are actually interested in languages. I am giving this forum a chance...

I love to learn and study the real languages in the real world and I am actually studying translation. However, my greatest creative personal project is developing my own artificial language that I created many years ago and that is still alive. It is, however, not just some "child language" or English with weird fantasy words.

It was originally based on French but has been highly influenced by virtually any other language I have dealt with in the course of time, especially Russian, Portuguese and Hungarian. It has its distinct morphology, sytax and orthography. Words are usually taken from other languages but always adapted to fit the exisitng patterns.

I would love to talk about it with somebody who would like to know more about it and I would be even happier if there were anybody who did something similar who could present their "works".

Ehperà keiyncon anceríhrrào é s'ix pà s'im tirnào aim paixom!  :D
Title: Re: Anyone ever created their own language?
Post by: Daniel on March 26, 2016, 05:39:30 PM
Hi Bavariyn,

What you're talking about is known as conlanging (from conlang < constructed language), and there are many forums online to talk about it. Not that you wouldn't be welcome here to talk about linguistic issues like the features of the languages you based yours on or questions about how certain grammatical properties work in general.