Author Topic: Trouble defining internal structure of AdjPs using X-bar  (Read 4482 times)

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Trouble defining internal structure of AdjPs using X-bar
« on: February 19, 2015, 07:47:56 PM »
So my hw states that there are times when the general rules for the internal structure of an adjP don't quite work out 1. AdjP → Adj' 2. Adj' → AdvP Adj' 3. Adj' → Adj PP

And it cites these examples, asking for new rules to be generated/expanded to account for them, but I'm really struggling with these words. Getting lost with what's an adjective, what's an adverb, what's a quantifier and what's quantifying what haha. Any elucidation or ideas you guys have would be aweseome!(I go to Berkeley, that's why there's all the Stanford bashing haha)

-The Campanile is super tall.
-Its height must be at least 1000 feet.
-1000 feet is pretty tall.
-*The Campanile is 1000 feet super tall.
-Have you ever seen a clock tower over 1000 feet tall?
-It is so much taller than Stanford’s lousy clock tower.
-I mean way taller.
-Stanford’s clock tower isn’t anywhere close to that tall.
I keep trying to play with the idea of adjuncts vs complements within adjPs, but I'm totally confusing myself.
Thanks again!