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Syntactic Trees in your posts! [instructions]

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One of the great benefits of the new forum is customization. By far the most useful for discussion of Syntax in particular will be the ability to include syntactic trees in directly in your posts!

Here's the code to do that:

--- Code: ---[TREE][S [NP phpSyntaxTree][VP [V creates][NP nice syntax trees]]][/TREE]
--- End code ---

More Info and test page (to check your tree syntax):

Now, that is a cool feature.

How to copy a tree from someone else's post:

If you want to copy a tree that someone else made (perhaps to modify or correct it), then you can do so by using the "Quote" feature. Just click on "Quote" above the post with the tree, then it will be automatically entered into your reply. Remove the other text except the TREE part and edit it as required.

the most impressive feature i've seen!

That's great!!


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