Author Topic: Properties of movements and reflexives explained by Binding Theory  (Read 4035 times)

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Hey guys!

Could anyone please help me discuss the following topics?

1) Properties of movements explained by Binding Theory (principles A and C)
2) Properties of reflexives explained by the principle A of the Binding Theory.

Thank you

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This sounds like a homework assignment. We don't do that here. It's been assigned to you so that you learn, and you should have the necessary resources (your textbook, asking your instructor, etc.). Also, the details of syntactic theory vary substantially from class to class so the "right answer" really is specific to your class, not what you're going to find online.

As for Binding Theory and Principles A, B and C, this is a major topic covered in almost any introductory textbook in Generative Syntax, and has been discussed in thousands of publications, as well as, for example, Wikipedia. So there's a lot you can read about it.

But these look like somewhat leading questions to me, probably referring to specific details discussed in your class. So looking more closely at your materials, rather than online, is probably your best option.
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