Author Topic: Mixed Chains in Minimalist Syntax  (Read 3360 times)

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Mixed Chains in Minimalist Syntax
« on: February 11, 2018, 07:59:50 AM »
Has there been any analysis within the Minimalist Program that allows mixed chains, i.e. an A-bar constituent to enter an A-chain? I've read that, in subject interrogatives, C and T within the same phase can simultaneously probe for a wh-goal in Specv*P (rather than T probing before C, or C before T), which avoids the Mixed Chain Constraint because 2 different chains are produced from the same constituent, i.e. 2 different chains with the same tail.

That seems fine and dandy, but has anyone said anything about heads in different phases probing for the same goal? For example, T in a matrix clause probing for a goal in SpecCP of a subordinate clause.