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How to make a syntactic tree for this sentence?

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I'm trying to be careful with how I reply, because as I've said, there is no single "correct" answer, except the specific expectations of your instructor. Different classes would have different (similar) answers, such as the labels used.

Generally you seem to have labeled the words correctly, if that's your goal. Regarding the structure of the sentence, see my previous reply.

You might try a word-deletion version of the substitution test. For example (to take something that seems non-problematic), you can reduce "traditional grammar" to "grammar" while maintaining grammatical(ity) and thematic relations, and this is what you predict under what seems to be your analysis of this structure, that "traditional grammar" is some kind of noun-like phrase (well, the only credible question is whether we are looking at an NP or a DP). When you clear away some of the extra words that merely say e.g. what kind of grammar, it may be clearer how to integrate the things you call S2 and S3 with your S1.

The central assumption underpinning syntactic analysis in traditional grammar


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