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Contrastive Analysis of Syntax Vs Comparative Syntax


What is the difference between Contrastive Analysis of Syntax and Comparative Syntax?,Is that  the first indicate an area positioned purely within  the domain of Applied Linguistics(mainly S.L.A).
I feel both terms vague. Both seems to mean the same at some context, and differ in some other context.
Could anyone clear my doubt ,pl.

I've only ever seen Contrastive Analysis in the field of S.L.A., not in a more generalised term but it's quite a vague term that seems ideal to potentially apply to many more domains than just S.L.A. Comparative Syntax, however, is much more vague and open and generally deals with analyses of multiple languages and how features are distributed across them in either a diachronic, synchronic, ad-hoc or even just general terms. My own interpretations would probably jump to the field of S.L.A with Contrastive Analysis but be in a pretty vague area of ordinary syntax with the latter one. The latter one is just basically is what the sum of the individual words would indicate.

I think lx is basically right on this one. I'm not specifically familiar enough with either term (especially 'contrastive analysis') to give a certain response, but 'comparative syntax' is certainly just a general term meaning 'syntax, based on data from multiple languages'. There may be some established traditions in both fields, but I don't think there are any specific boundaries to what would be considered valid if you think it's relevant.


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