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Have you recently started studying linguistics but cannot remember the basics? Would you like to refresh your knowledge of phonetics or syntax? Or are you simply interested in the structure of the English language? Ghoti is the right tool for you!

How do you pronounce Ghoti?! It sounds just like fish! Maybe that is a surprise for you, maybe it isn’t, but it illustrates very nicely the problem of a mismatch between spelling and pronunciation in English (see for more information). Such linguistic basics are at the core of our new app Ghoti, which is designed for anyone with an interest in English linguistics – from undergraduate to doctoral students, from every person with a general interest to specialists.

Ghoti is a quiz app that tests and improves your knowledge of (English) linguistics. Instead of giving you long segments of text, the app helps you improve in a playful and entertaining way by letting you apply your knowledge. Interactive questions and various examples will ensure that you pass your linguistics exam and are able to understand the basics of English linguistics.

The app features 500+ questions and covers the main levels of linguistic analysis: History, basics and terminology, phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. More questions are created constantly and will follow with upcoming releases.

A key feature of the app is its different play modes: You may choose to revise only one aspect or to get questions from all core areas; or you may only work on questions you previously answered incorrectly in the ‘repetition mode’ in order to achieve the best possible preparation for upcoming tests and exams. In order to ensure that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, the app provides detailed statistics to keep you updated about your learning progress.

This app is the product of a cooperation with the TU Dresden. Ghoti is loosely based on the linguistics framework described by Bernd Kortmann in ‘English Linguistics: Essentials’, 2015, Cornelsen. Please note that the app is rooted in a structuralist framework and might not be suitable for generative approaches to language.

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