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Wug giveaway contest, February 2017!

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In order to encourage membership and activity on the forum, I will personally be giving away 4 pairs of wugs, one pair each week during February, 2017!

The "rules" are as explained below. I am doing this for fun and to encourage activity here, so please participate kindly, and invite others to join too.

In short, reply here to enter and make at least one other post elsewhere, participating in the forum. A winner will be selected each week. Full details below.

1. The contest is entirely free. In fact, you can also make your own wug for free (see instructions here). I won't be able to make these for everyone, and I am not going to sell them, but if you don't win you can make your own following the information at that link. I'll just do it for you if you are a winner.
2. Any member of the forum is welcome to enter the contest to win. However, this is aimed especially at new members (since the beginning of 2017, and during the contest), so at most 2 winners can be older members (joined before January, 2017), assuming we have enough new members. This is meant to make the forum a more active and more interesting place for everyone, so please spread the word, tell your friends, and help make Linguist Forum a busy place. But don't make multiple accounts. I will check this, you will be disqualified, and it will make the contest less fun for everyone.
3. To enter, reply to this thread below and follow step 4. Each week on Sunday (on February 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th), I will randomly select one winner from among those who have replied to this thread and who are eligible according to the requirements below in steps 4 and 5. Everyone who has replied at least once to this thread, by the time I select the winner each week will be included. In other words, your odds of winning increase if you enter early, but they do not increase if you reply multiple times (but you're welcome to continue participating in the discussion here). Additionally, you cannot win more than once.
4. To be eligible to win, you must make one additional, legitimate post on the forum. It can be a question (new thread) or an answer (reply) to an existing thread. You don't need a high post count, you don't need to ask the best question or give the best answer, but you do need to try participating. You are also not under any obligation to continue posting later if you don't want to, but I hope you will. Please be respectful and be a good sport about this, because I am offering this contest in good faith, so please do the same. I won't be checking your posts for quality, but if I see that you've only contributed a one-word, throwaway post or something like that, I reserve the option to select another winner.
5. Requirements: aside from entering by posting here and making at least one other post on the forum, as well as participating in good faith (no multiple accounts, no one-word throwaway posts, etc.), to keep things simple from a legal perspective you must be 18 years or older (or have a parent/guardian support your entry and give me their address for shipping). You must also be willing to give me a mailing address (after you win-- do not post it here when you enter, wait until I contact you to tell you if you won; I won't share it or use it for any other purposes) so I can send the wugs to you. Shipping may take several weeks, but I will try to send them within a few days of you winning. Additionally, for any international members, if it costs more than about $10 to ship to you, we can discuss the shipping costs-- maybe we split them, we can see what is fair. The winner will be announced in this thread and I will also contact you by private message here. I may try to contact you by email too, but if I can't contact you within a few days, I will assume you no longer wish to win, and I will select another winner. The same applies if for any reason the winner is disqualified. Additionally, if you reply here but do not wish to win, or if you decide later you want to withdraw from the contest, just tell me (if you are selected) and I will randomly select another winner. Finally, you can also choose the color of your wugs: either one blue and one purple one, or two blue ones if you want two identical wugs for, official experimental purposes of course! I'll assume blue/purple as the default, but let me know if you want two blue ones instead.

In case there is something I haven't accounted for already, I reserve the option to modify these rules slightly if needed (especially if for some reason any details get in the way of the contest being fun, like any members spamming the forum with multiple accounts), but without changing the intent of the contest: to share some wugs with members here, and to increase membership and encourage activity on the forum. Please share this with other linguists-- friends, colleagues, even, if you want, your department and so forth.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about the forum in general, or any suggestions, please post them (in a different thread, maybe under the feedback forum). Help Linguist Forum become the top Linguistics forum on the internet. As activity grows, it will be more useful to everyone, and it will draw more members too.

Again, in case you missed it in the 'fine print' above, you can also make your own wug for free. I'll just make it for you if you are a winner. Feel free to share this link with others also.

Happy wugs, and happy 2017, Linguist Forum!

 They're so cute! Thanks for the generosity!

This week's winner is darrinrmiller! Congratulations!

Another pair of wugs will be given away next Sunday, and every Sunday until the end of February! Sign up (by replying here), and tell your friends!


Thanks a bunch!  ;D

Fiddlestix McWhiskers:

Is there any chance of having another giveaway for 2018?  I am a sopping wet behind the ears, new linguistic enthusiast and I would appreciate the chance at being chosen for a pair of wugs for my desk.  I am an antique furniture restorationist and I use only hand tools (due to damage to my ears) and I make many videos showing the restoration process of the pieces upon which I work.  I would love to have the wugs as recurring characters in some of my videos.  Don't let any of that information sway you one way or the other in your decision to hold another giveaway or your choice of recipient.  ;)


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