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What do you think of people from Balkan?


So, how do people from around the world perceive people from Balkan countries (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Bulgaria. . .)? Are there some common stereotypes? If so, which ones?

OK, I get it, this forum isn't for discussing anything that's not idiotic.

I'd have posted this sooner if I was able to get the link to change my password, which I had forgotten, sooner.
Remember, nothing human exists, much less has value, outside of the state. Politics is the only important thing, everything else is idiotic.
Wars and famines are not a failure of scientists, they are failure of politics. It's much more important to be right about politics, than to be right about science.


--- Quote ---Politics is the only important thing, everything else is idiotic.
--- End quote ---
Then go to a politics forum. This one is about linguistics, and your insults are not welcome. If you'd prefer that I ban you in order to help you move along, let me know.

Stirring up political controversy is not welcome here, especially when you are explicitly stating that's your only reason for being here (and your previous activity on the forum as well). This is your final warning. I'm closing this thread now.


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