Author Topic: the syntax of participial phrases among second language users  (Read 1952 times)

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for example, we find l2 users having difficulty using participial phrases properly in sentences like
1.Having read very well, the exam was failed by the student or
2.Hated and persecuted by all, the reader feels sympathy for Shylock. How do we explain syntactic terms, the continuous displacement of the NP modified by the participial phrases.

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Re: the syntax of participial phrases among second language users
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What about it in particular? It seems related to this question:

As for L2 speakers in particular, you would need to gather examples (from a corpus? from a survey/test?) or find existing research to see how L2 users do this. But I don't see why in particular they would have difficulty with this because it's just a question of style/usage, so aside from generally having some difficulty controlling the language it isn't clear why they would make more style errors than L1 speakers.
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