Author Topic: Please help me by filling in a 10m survey about symbolism in Indonesian  (Read 2289 times)

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My name is Daniel Friedrich and I'm a Czech high student. I'm working on a project about the origin of language and I'd like to conduct my own experiment on the word symbolism (how do the words resemble their meaning). For that, I need random people to guess the meanings of words in a different language, which is why I'm here

Could you please take your 5 minutes to fill in my survey?

Thank you very much

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Re: Please help me by filling in a 10m survey about symbolism in Indonesian
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2017, 05:41:46 PM »
I filled this out for you.

Two comments:

1. Linguists are not the best group to try this because we often have weird intuitions based on studying languages or guessing what you're trying to look at. For example, by telling us you're looking for sound symbolism (although I could have guessed, given matching just sounds to meanings), I assumed these words (at least some of them) were selected because they are intuitive based on their sounds, so maybe they are iconic. I don't know if that affected my answers in important ways.

2. "See" and "wold" are I think misspelled. Did you mean "sea" and "world"?

3. You should remove the word hutan. I know what this word means and some other linguists will too. It's the etymology of orangutan and some English speakers will recognize it for that reason (it's not transparent, but they might know the etymology). I asked someone else who happened to be nearby what they guessed, because I didn't want to give you biased results. But I still suggest removing that question from your analysis because others may also know it. None of the other words were familiar. I now can guess which language this is (again, due to that etymology), but even so that didn't help me guess that the other words might mean. So otherwise I'm assuming only speakers of the language (or a related one) would be biased, aside from hutan.
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