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Life Mate: Doing Our Own Work
« on: December 01, 2015, 02:01:36 AM »
There are a few historical sources, along with biological ones, to my approach to linguistics.
The mind is one among a group of life support systems of the body which abstract from the environment in order to make a product for survival. Each of the systems in that group can only abstract either a things form, or a things material difference, meaning that if it abstracts the one it must apply or supply the other; this is a crafting system.

The mind is responsible for behavior over time. It is wholly linguistic by function. There are two, and only two primitive branches of language, Logic and Analogic. Logics, such as common grammars and mathematics are simply indexing systems for analog content. Analogics are crafts formed by standard behaviors. A simple analogic is Euclidean Geometry. Analogics cover all human craft, even language itself. Logics, themselves are derived from analogic, the indexing system is derived from the indexed analog material.

Language is effected by standards of behavior; standards of behavior is called law.

I archive my work on the Internet Archive; search johnclark8659.

In my work one will find a new analog language. It may appear to be simply BAM (Basic Analog Mathematics) however it can be just as metaphorical as common grammar. It demonstrates the fundamentals of language by showing the pairing of a logic with an analogic, the basic requirements for all language.

I am seeking a life mate to help in the work.

The mind has a biologically defined job to perform starting with psychology, and extending to sociology and ecology. Language is the only thing a mind can do, and its only product is linguistic; i.e. human behavior is a language. Currently the human race is proto-linguistic and the work is aimed at furthering mankind to being linguistic.