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Hi everyone!
« on: February 22, 2019, 07:57:58 PM »
Hi everyone!
I'm an student of Spanish degree in the University of Alicante, Spain. Although I want to be a general linguist,  my specialty is the spanish language and its syntax, phonemics, pragmatics, semantics, amd more -ics... I think that you have realized my "bad" english. (Can we speak about bad and good in languages as semiotic systems if they do well her communicative function?) Actually, english language and me are not very good friends. Other languages with grammar more difficult (in relative terms) has been easier for me. Hahaha. Nevertheless, English has "something" that makes it complex.

I'm an absolute fan of linguistics. I love Chomsky, but I have some consideration for structuralism as good european.  ;D
However, my favourite linguistics are of "new" generation: Johnson, Lakoff, Van Dijk, Coseriu...
I think that Constructivism and Cognitivism has the same importance in different levels.

Nowadays I am in the second course of the grade, only nineteen years old. My first investigation is about queer linguistics and syntax/semantics. I research about the semantization (at the lexic level) of the grapheme -a in homosexual man speech. I still am a neophyte, but my passion of linguistics shakes mountains.

I would like to meet you!!
What is your favourite discipline?
Computational linguistics, pragmatics, syntax... or maybe ethnolinguistics?  ;)

(By the by, my name is Sergio, but you can call me Valéry)
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