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"pro": Shall, Will  /alongside can, must, may, ought to ..., have to .../ 


To keep it simple:

Will                                                                     Shall
Used to express the future tense                          Used to express the obligation

I             will do          we   will do                          I             shall do        we   shall do
you         will do          you  will do                          you         shall do        you  shall do
he/she/it will do          they will do                          he/she/it shall do        they shall do

/one may use shall in 1st person singular and plural as/for Future tense as well/


John will do.

The Doer is the 1st (Main), the "Environment" is the 2nd(not Main).
/the meaning of the Future as an Intention (Freedom) of the Doer/

John shall do.

The "Environment" is the 1st (Main), the Doer is the 2nd(not Main).
/the meaning of Obligation as the Dependency of the Doer/


Consciousness and the "Environment" are Complementary.

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