Author Topic: Do you rhyme “good” with “food”?  (Read 2238 times)

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Re: Do you rhyme “good” with “food”?
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Hi, Rock100,

I am very happy that this series made such an impression to you. It did to me too.

Well, there isn't language by its self/own. "Language" is just a habit like walking and eating and ... (so on). You don't pick a "language" - you pick a habit (good or bad).


Here is

Mind your language (all of the 1st season. The 1st season is always the best.)

I enjoy British wit with you.

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Re: Do you rhyme “good” with “food”?
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What a series!
I do not have a job, I do not have money and I do not know the language. What shall I do? Ah! I will marry the second woman because my first wife cannot have children!!!

-- I went on holidays to visit all my family.
-- Ah, you went to Bombay.
-- Bombay? No, Birmingham.

1978!!! Brits, I will miss you.

P.S. The buffet works without a cash register in the school. Was/is it legal?