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In Italian, the conjunctions "ma" ('but') and "e" ('and') can preface imperatives to reinforce them as in: "ma/e vieni!" ('do come!').
Does anyone know of any languages that display this phenomenon as well?
Many thanks in advance!

Hi Nico,
In French the same phenomenon exists with "mais" (but) but not with "et" (and) : "Mais viens !". It's very common in everyday conversation.

Thanks! I knew about that. I am just wondering whether the range of verbs that can enter it is the same in the two languages. For instance, in Italian you can also use "ma" with positive polite exhortations as in "do take a seat please". Does "mais asseyez-vous!" work?

Yes it's also used in polite exhortations such as "Mais asseyez-vous !". Actually I think that "mais" is used whenever you want to inform the interlocutor that you are aware of (or presuming) his hesitation, reluctance or refusal to do someting for some reason, because he disagrees, he's shy...

Merci beaucoup!


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