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This forum was created to give everyone a place to ask questions about specific languages. For example, you might want to know about word order in Japanese or the consonant inventory of Swahili. For this type of language-specific question it's best to keep the questions here, rather than in the broader, more theoretical "specialization" areas below, and so that a speaker of the language may have a better chance of seeing the post.

The main purpose of this forum is not for students of languages, but rather for linguistically-oriented discussion of features in specific languages. It may occasionally be used by us, as linguists, when we're studying languages, but don't expect this to replace the other language-learning websites out there.

For languages often discussed, we will add subforums. When asking a new question: if a subforum exists, post there; if not, post in the main section. If we need to add a new subforum with sufficient activity, we will, but not just for one (or even a few) questions.

Of course you may ask about any language in the world, but just remember that you may not get a reply about a language none of us know well. But maybe we'll be able to help you find more information anyway.

When making a new thread, you MUST include the language being discussed in the title. Format:
Language: [title for thread]


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