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Title: Teaching the Subjunctive
Post by: Matt Longhorn on January 06, 2019, 07:23:00 AM
I have a session with a friend on Tuesday teaching him the use of the subjunctive in Koine Greek. It is only first year stuff but have been playing with the idea of showing meanings a bit more graphically, having read some cognitive linguistics articles on language acquisition.
I have attached a copy of what I am planning using (please excuse the rough and ready nature).
Would appreciate feedback from anyone on whether there may be better ways of doing this.

I have tried to show similarities between meanings, what question is being thought of by the writer sitting behind their use of the subjunctive and how it can be glossed.
Title: Re: Teaching the Subjunctive
Post by: Forbes on January 30, 2019, 04:48:04 PM
I am probably not the best person to comment as I do not know Greek and tend to be averse to complex diagrams. I do though know Spanish which makes significant use of the subjunctive. Assuming (as appears to be the case from a quick Google) that the Greek subjunctive covers much the same ground as the Spanish, I am not sure that diagrams are the best way of elucidating it.

The subjunctive is very much foreign territory for native English speakers since it barely exists as either form or function in English. English does not generally require you to express how you feel about something when some hypothetical aspect is involved, but leaves it to be implied or, when the speaker feels it is required, expresses it some way other than through the form of the verb. I am inclined to think that the best way to proceed is with a purely verbal explanation backed up with plenty of examples. I do not think that the pupil is going to "think subjunctively" overnight, but rather get there by practice.