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What I meant by my signature was questions about the forum. Of course content questions are always welcome too, but there is a general (if unwritten) rule about "homework" type questions. It's nothing personal. The reasons are that the goal of homework is to figure it out yourself (or if this is a test, then of course to do it yourself), as well as trying to avoid answers to assignments being posted here for students to Google.

As for the question, as I said, I think it's an oversimplification without a single right answer. We could discuss the topic if you want, but maybe you should tell us what you think about it. It's not my area but I have some idea what you're talking about. In short, I would just say that it's odd to phrase it as "do most of the work themselves" as if the teacher can actually teach someone language. They're more of a guide or a coach, an information source, than actually a teacher when it comes to language, especially in terms of the students gaining confidence and fluency. So it's a partnership and cooperation one way or another, although I don't know what the specific context of this multiple choice question is to know the "right answer" (since it varies by context!). I'd say a good balance of everything, and possibly some different approaches for different students (or classes), but that doesn't fit the format of the question.

But now you've deleted the original question (which might be a good thing because it's from a test!), so maybe you should repost something else as a general topic to discuss if you want.


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