Author Topic: WW2 German Meaning Of Drahtnetzeinschiebvorrichtung  (Read 4745 times)


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WW2 German Meaning Of Drahtnetzeinschiebvorrichtung
« on: November 08, 2019, 09:38:56 AM »
The word is often translated as "wire-mesh introduction device" or "wire-mesh sliding device" which both could refer to the column used for inserting the Zyklon B into the gas chambers. However, deniers of the Holocaust have come up with the explanation that it could refer to some kind of filter device that could be inserted at the end of a pipe.

What I am wondering about is if the word "Vorrichtung" could instead of a simple mechanism, "device", mean a more complicated device such as a "contraption"? Since that is what is suggested by Google translate. Also that this would be commonly used in the 40's of WW2.

Another question is if "sliding" and "pouring in" and "introduce" (einschieben) is synonymous to eachother? It doesn't matter really, cause the columns used in the gas-chambers had a inner column that "slided" in, and also was used to pour in (or introduce) Zyklon B.