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Modifying your profile


First, please note that you must be at least in the "Jr. Linguist" membergroup (10+ posts) to be able to modify your profile. This is for two reasons: 1) it protects against spam from new accounts; and 2) it encourages new members to start posting!

Your profile has the normal options of course (like changing your password, adding an avatar image and modifying your signature), but there are also some new options added for linguistics:
1. "Language" (your main language), displayed next to your posts.
2. "Languages", displayed in your profile (so feel free to give more detailed information).
3. Country Flag: a country selection list will allow you to add a flag for your country to let everyone know where you're from. This will appear next to your posts.

By the way, here's some more information about the membergroups:
New Linguist (0+ posts)
Jr. Linguist (10+ posts)
Linguist (50+ posts)
Serious Linguist (250+ posts)
Experienced Linguist (1000+ posts)


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