Is Chomsky utterly wrong?

Is Chomsky utterly wrong?

I really think that this question, "Is Chomsky utterly wrong?" is one of the most frequently asked questions (i.e. FAQ) in Linguistics today. It seems a MUST question to ask if you are just landing in the Linguistics world, be it as a professional, as a dedicated amateur or, obviously, if you are an old hand Linguist who feels it must be shown that you  have surpassed Chomsky with your brilliant new theory. It seems mighty curious to me, that people don't have this demolishing urge against, say, Saussure, Halliday, Cosseriu, or any other important linguist of our times. (Of our times?).

I mention this because, although I am used to find that astounding trend in my fellow linguists, I have recently come across this text which mentions and criticises the nth example of this amazing mania. You may find it here.

In this case, a distasteful racist stand seems to be luring somewhere in the mind of the critic. I just wonder whether this is one of the hidden (very hidden, indeed!) motives behind this general anti-chomskyan attitude.

Och ... I do not ken!

Posted by Guijarro

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