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Hi everyone,
I will need to retake the exam and I have no idea how to deal with the exam. I known that the retake exam will be different but this is not the case. I have notes from all lessons and I have read a few books, but sill I have no idea how to deal with it, can anyone help me with this? If this thread is in the wrong place please move it to the right one

[Attached images of exam removed by moderator.]

Exams are meant to test your knowledge. You should be prepared for it in some way. It isn't clear what this is for, but if you are not prepared, then you should look at options to get prepared: take a class, read a book, etc.

This question is not appropriate here, or really anywhere on the internet or otherwise outside of your institution/program.

If you had a specific question about one of the ideas on the test, then we could discuss that, but even then actually discussing test content is generally not a good idea, and against the rules here.

Are you taking a class? Go talk to the instructor. Review your notes or the textbook.


I have also removed the images from the exam you posted, because that is inappropriate: posting exams and/or answers for exams online can too easily lead to cheating, regardless of whether this is allowed in your particular case (e.g., if this is a practice exam, but that is not clear from what you wrote).


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