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Title: Praat: script giving a different meanf0 than the Voice report?
Post by: cycy on January 16, 2016, 08:58:54 AM

Beforehand, it is my first time on this forum and I'd like to apologize if I am writing in the wrong topic.

I am a psychologist, and I study attitudes in voices. I recently needed to extract acoustical traits from spoken sentences I recorded. I ran a script to extract them. While double checking via the voice report (and manually getting the jitter since I didn't have a script for that) I noticed that Praat didn't give the same values for f0.

Do you know why these values were different and if I could have done something wrong?

I set the pitch range from 75 to 600: To Pitch... 0.01 75 600

Thanks in advance for your answers :)