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Currently working on a string classification project. Wondering how one would categorize/classify a compound string or phrase such as "David Bowie (1947-2016)" which contains both a personal name and a time interval. Would it be considered a compound phrase or is there a special name for it? Thanks in advance for any guidance!

That's not a standard unit in Linguistics. There are various things you could call it, such as a noun phrase*, or identifier, etc., depending on your purposes. (It's possible that someone doing very similar research to your own might already have some labels for these things, though.)

[*Note that the structure isn't really like typical spoken English. The parenthetical indication of years is really just a convenient written annotation, so it may not break down into a typical syntactic structure. It serves to help identify the individual, and to give additional information, but we wouldn't typically say it like that. So it's equivalent to a name, but not in a typical form.]

In general, terminology is less important than using labels consistently and defining them somewhere. So if you need to make up terms, go ahead, and just be clear.

Really appreciate the insight, Daniel. Many thanks!


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